Wax it is proud to have changed the way waxing is done today.
Having started the WAVE of not having to make or book for an appointment, Wax it has enabled business and everyday people to come in when it was convenient for THEM not the Salon and in turn, no more having to pay for an appointment we couldn’t keep and pay a deposit in advance, as the unexpected does happen.
Wax it is flattered that many Salons have copied our renowned waxing techniques.

Therapists come, near and abroad to learn our Trade Mark way which sets our Brand apart, have you experienced the true Wax it way?

We want our Guest to “look great, feel confident” everyday! – Peggy Millios

Unwanted hair can make us feel unconfident and self-conscious on all parts of our body. Waxing is a feel great and a feeling of being confident when wearing or not wearing clothes.  It keeps us cool, comfortable and feeling sexy.








Benefits of waxing

  1. Quick and less painful, Smooth finish as pulled out from the root
  2. Less irritation with waxing
  3. Can help with ingrown, Regrowth is more comfortable as the hair grows with a natural tapered end so it pushes through the follicle easier becomes more sparse
  4. Feel more confident, less sweating, less chance of holding onto smell
  5. Cost effective, Inexpensive compared to other forms of hair removal

Why Choose Wax It?

  1. We are renowned for skin safety
  2. Convenience to our clients “don’t plan it, Wax it”, Come on in anytime, you’re always welcome
  3. Friendly and Professional – Steller Wow Experience and Care Factor, consistency and the best client care in the industry
  4. Loyalty system
  5. Experienced therapists
  6. Competitive priced and offer high quality service

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  • Can cause rash, irritation and red bumps
  • Results are short lived
  • You don’t get a smooth finish, rough and
    abrasive feel
  • Different areas of the body are hard to
    reach to achieve a clean look
  • Shaving cuts the hair at the surface,
    therefore making it darker, looking more
    course and strong, makes the regrowth
    more obvious
  • When the hairs grow back you can
    experience: itching/rashes/ingrown hairs
  • Can accidently Cut the skin causing
  • Having to do it yourself


  • Hurts -it hurt so much more then waxing.
    It’s similar to plucking each hair
  • Can be quite expensive
  • Sometimes not getting the shape that
    you are looking for
  • Can cause the hair to snap
  • Long process, drawn out discomfort for
    the client If the correct stretch is not
    applied, skin can easily be pinched and
  • Conventionally used on the face only, not
    for larger areas of the body

Laser / IPL

  • The term laser is an acronym “light
    amplification by stimulated emission of
    radiation Usually 6-8 treatments are
    needed to reduce the hair from the
    desired area. Not hair removal, but only
  • Not a Lot is Known of the Long term
    effect to the body by radiation yet Can
    be expensive compared to other hair
    removal Multiple treatments are
    needed where results are not guaranteed
  • Scarring, blisters and burns can occur.
  • Can’t be done if pregnant/ breast feeding
  • Cannot be exposed to any form of uv
    Rays whether sun is present or not
    before and after

Loyalty App

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