Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian Waxing for Men & Women

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At Wax it, our Brazilian for our Men & Women, is EVERYTHING off, giving you a clean fresh smooth feel.  If you would like a strip left, please advise your therapist prior to service.


BIKINI $ 28.95
Wax It Bikini line is the line of the bikini at the crease line to give you a clean line finish.
SPEEDO $28.95
Speedo wax is great to get that clean line when wearing underwear or speedos.

Waxing Do’s

  • DO wear loose CLEAN clothing after waxing particularly undergarments near the bikini line and underarms
  • DO have a lukewarm shower on treated areas using ANTIBACTERIAL WASH a few hours after waxing to reduce ingrown hairs/irritation & remove bacteria from the skin
  • DO moisturise after showering using ANTIBACTERIAL LOTION to soothe/moisturise skin & encourages healthy hair follicles to reduce irritation
  • DO gently exfoliate after 24-48 hours to remove dead skin cells & allow new hair to grow out to the surface layer of the skin



  • AVOID the use of make-up though cover-up is offered for your convenience avoid it if possible after facial waxing as this may cause unwanted facial breakouts
  • AVOID hot showers or baths
  • AVOID touching the skin WITHIN 24-48 HOURS OF TREATMENT
  • AVOID swimming, sunbathing, saunas, sunbeds as these activities aggravate the skin
  • AVOID Deodorant under the arms after underarm waxing
  • AVOID perfumed body washes, lotions and moisturisers
  • AVOID exfoliating

Don’t Just take Our Word For It…

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