Arms Beauty Treatments

Arm Waxing for Men & Women

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FULL ARMS $ 38.95
Wow, how good does it feel hey! Soft smooth look, great feeling.

Picks up the fuzzies or that dark hereditary hair, thanks mum!

1/2 ARMS $ 23.50
Long dark/light hairs on our arms can make us feel self-conscious and sometimes take the focus off what we are wearing.

Half arm waxing can give us that confidence we need to step out feeling great.

3/4 ARMS $ 28.95
This helps blends the hairs up from a 1/2 arm giving more of a natural look.
UNDERARM $ 23.95
Dark shadows from shaving or black spiders trying to crawl out? Wax it, Wax it good and feel and look hair free and smooth.
HANDS $ 9.00
Great to remove unwanted hair on the hands and knuckles to look clean and smooth.

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